"The Settler's Handbook" is highly recommended as an informative source for those considering moving to, or investing in, the U.S. Virgin Islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas or St. John.

This 190-page reference book has a 25-year history and updates periodically. It features chapters on each of the three Virgin Islands, including island culture, history, relocation, housing, and local services such as: real estate, government offices, physicians, civic groups to join. 

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The Settler's Handbook Highlights: 
  1.  How to move personal effects, pets, a car 
  2.  How to register your vehicle Whether to first rent, buy or build a home 
  3.  How to dress for the Caribbean climate What type of furniture works best in this climate The marine industry 
  4.  How to deal with cultural changes 
  5.  Lists of schools, churches 
  6.  Information on taxes, and starting a business 
  7.  Community life: entertainment, holidays 
  8.  Growing your own garden, what works
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